Photo Cards - Deborah Girouard

Any of my photos can be printed and mounted on cardstock creating a unique, blank, greeting card ready for you to customize with your own message for any occasion. 

Each card is handmade and assembled with a 4"x6" high quality print of one of my photos, mounted on a 5 x 7" premium-quality cardstock.

Each card includes a matching envelope and is individually wrapped in its own clear plastic sleeve to protect the photo and keep the card clean.

**01.29.17 Update: This page and project is a work in progress. I don't have online ordering set up yet but I am completely prepared to get you some cards, just shoot me an email to photos at deborahgirouard dot com and we can work out the details. **

Reasons to you should keep these cards on hand:

>>  Be prepared!

Whether its a forgotten occasion or  last minute invitation to a party or sudden urge to reconnect with your college roommate, you've got it covered. Having a stash of blank cards means one less thing to add to your 'to do' list.  

>> Create Joy!

Remember what it feels like to reach into the mailbox and while shuffling through the bills and sales flyers you find the envelope that isn't shaped like a bill. The address is handwritten. Your eyes dart to the upper left hand corner to see who its from. Maybe you rip it open and read it right there. Its a thoughtful gesture that keeps us connected to the ones we love. 

>> Support your local artist!

Your supporting the arts and I truly appreciate your support. 

>> Buy local!

You're doing that PC thing and buying local - something to feel good about. 

>> Basic economics

My cards are less expensive than the average craptastic Hallmark card. Simple.


You can easily use scissors or a razor blade to cut away the cardstock and pop the 4x6 photo into a frame and wala! instant gift or new wall decor. 

>> Revive the lost art of saying Thank You

'nuff said, we've all let is slide. 


They're blank, say what you want to say. Add a poem, a quote from your favorite author or your own message to let the receiver know this card, from the photo on the front to the words on the inside, was intended for them. 

Just a few of the photos I have already mounted on cardstock. 


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